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What are IBCs?

Intermediate bulk containers are stackable containers mounted on a pallet designed to be moved using a forklift or a pallet jack. IBCs have a volume range that is situated between drums and tanks, hence the term "intermediate".

The most common sizes are 1,040 liters or 275 U.S. gallons or 229 imperial gallons and 1,250 liters or 330 U.S. gallons or 275 imperial gallons (the 1040 liter IBCs are often listed as being 1000 liters). Cube-shaped IBCs give a particularly good utilization of storage capacity compared to palletized drums - one 275 gallon IBC is equivalent to five 55-US-gallon (208 L; 46 imp gal) drums, and a 330 gallon IBC is equivalent to six 55 gallon drums.

The most common IBC is the one-time use plastic composite IBC; a white/translucent plastic container (typically polyethylene) housed within a tubular galvanized iron cage that is attached to a pallet. IBCs can be made from many materials depending upon the needs of the shipper and the legal requirements that must be met.

In addition to the plastic composite IBC, intermediate bulk containers are also made of fiberboard, wood, heavy gauge plastic, aluminum, carbon steel, and galvanized iron. Heavy-gauge plastic IBCs are made of reinforced plastic that requires no steel cage; they have a pallet molded into the bottom so the entire unit is a single piece.

Nexus Packaging

Nexus Packaging

Our Range of IBCs

IBC Container Weight Min. Wall Thickness Brimful Capacity Bottle Specsheet
Wooden Pallet IBC 62.5kg 1.4mm 1050L PE Standard Download
Plastic Pallet IBC 56.8kg 1.4mm 1050L PE Standard Download
Composite Pallet IBC 57.6kg 1.4mm 1050L PE Standard Download
UV Protective IBC / 1.4mm 1050L PE Standard Download
Anti-Static IBC / 1.4mm 1050L PE Standard Download
Repaltainer / 1.4mm 1050L PE Standard Download
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