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Repaltainer® EX IBC

Concepted as dangerous goods packaging Repaltainer EX is UN-approved and therefore fulfils the requirements of regulations for transport of dangerous goods (RID/ADR and IMDG) concerning liquids with a flash point below 61°C.

Product groups that might be affected by these regulations for example are alcohols, amines, ethers and solvents based on aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. In addition and in regard to their explosive potential filling goods have to be classified as class IIA or in limited cases also as class IIB (minimum ignition energy > 0,20 mJ). National regulations – as for example german BGR132 – have to be considered within this classification.

UN-approval of Repaltainer EX covers all six model liquids at a level equal to the one known from the standard Repaltainer IBC.

• Developed for use in EX-Zones 1 and 2
• Certified according CENELEC TR50404:2003 and BGR 132
• UN-approved for all model liquids
• Innovative multi-layer concept for additional safety
• Innovative multi-layer concept for transluscent inner container
• Based on well known Repaltainer® design with plastics pallet
• With or without discharge valve
• Clearly diversified against standard units (yellow coloured corner protectors)
• Developed for multi trip purposes

Repaltainer IBCs

Product Code: Repaltainer® EX IBC

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